Surviving the Double Holiday

Are you in a relationship? Do you suffer figuring out where to spend the holiday, whether it’s with your family or with your partner’s family?  Do you do your best to spend time with both families?

Don’t fear that the holidays are here. Take advantage of them instead. Figure out a way to spend equal amount of time with both families. Try to switch off each holiday with each other’s families and maybe even spend the same holiday with both families. My boyfriend and I have figured out the best system that works for us. During Easter we go to brunch with my family and then dinner with his. Thanksgiving I spend at his aunt’s and uncle’s house until my family shows up there later as well to play cards. Our families are very close; it’s actually how we met. We spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with his. You don’t want to upset your family or theirs. Your family is going to expect your lover at their house every holiday but your partner’s family is expecting the same from you. So what do you do? So what works for your relationship?

The Italian Classic

The Italian Classic

creme horns

Creme Horns

Want to wow the in-laws without breaking the bank with only minimum time needed? There are many easy appetizers and desserts that can be made in minutes and are delicious and perfect for any occasion. My favorite appetizer to make is an Italian classic. Wrap a cube of mozzarella cheese in basil and place on a toothpick, cut a cherry tomato in half and put one half on each side of the cheese. Once done lightly drizzle balsamic dressing and serve. My favorite easy to make dessert is crème horns. Buy a pack of French twirls, cut them up lay them sideways so the crème is facing upward and place cut up strawberries on top, and serve. Crowd pleasers that take minimal time is the perfect way to impress the family.

This post is a sequel to my Managing Time post make sure you manage your time properly especially around the holidays. If you don’t manage your time correctly then you are going to stress yourself out.

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